A hip-hop single that gets you to speak.

Based in Germany, 0sb0rne is an innovative trap-pop singer and songwriter. His music delves into themes of heartbreak and the everyday struggles, making it relatable to a wide audience. Drawing inspiration from the streets of Berlin, where he resides, 0sb0rne infuses his music with a raw and genuine energy. His latest album, Know Me, offers listeners a glimpse into his emotional world, and he follows it up with his new single, “talk ’bout it.”

On his new single “talk ’bout it,” 0sb0rne takes center stage as the main communicator. His lyrics will leave you feeling inclined to express your thoughts as well. The track touches on various topics, from amassing wealth to counting blessings. With his captivating cadence and effortlessly calm demeanor, 0sb0rne delivers a sound that’s perfect for vibing and getting pumped up with your friends. This clean blend of R&B and hip-hop creates a powerful track you won’t want to skip. So, instead of just “talking ’bout it,” take action and stream 0sb0rne’s new single.