Rating: 4 out of 5.

An ultra-hypnotic dance single that explores the power of obsession.

UK-based musical Twosome, Ninetails, is an “electronic duo” made up of Fridolin ‘Freedo’ Walcher and Ryan ‘Kid Ryan’ Bickley. Together, the pair craft attention-grabbing tunes you’ll want to hear on repeat. Ninetails released their debut single “Saturday Night (Feel The Groove)” back in 2022 “after turning a viral TikTok sound into an all-out dance-pop track with the help of Brando” (a Los Angeles artist best known for collabing with Loud Luxury). In their work, the pair have also teamed up with Tensnake for the song “Bodytalk” and received support from artists like Armin van Buuren, Alok, and Jerome. Ninetails’s latest drop is the dance single “You In My Mind,” which features artist Jen Jis.

With an instantly immersive blend of mesmerizing dance beats and delightfully distorted tones, “You In My Mind” provides the perfect sonic soundscape to get us grooving all night long. Lyrics like “We just go in circles, We can’t stop us falling down, And tripping over hurdles” and “Hard to let go of your hand, When I don’t wanna lose you, Like handing over contraband, Of a high that I got used to” reflect on the power of obsession and craving an unhealthy relationship. With its club-ready sound and captivating narrative, Ninetails and Jen Jis gift us an ultra-hypnotic dance single that explores the dark side of desire. So, press play and crank up the volume for “You In My Mind.”