Rating: 5 out of 5.

A wonderfully nostalgic dance tune that instantly transports you back in time. 

Austrian-Italian artist LUM!X, also known as Luca Michlmayr, has already made a significant impact on the global electronic music scene. His songs have amassed over 2 billion streams and have earned him more than 30 Diamond, Platinum, and Gold certifications. LUM!X’s “signature style” is “as smooth as it is hard and refreshing as it is versatile” and “not only primed for the radio and the club but geared for the viral airwaves as well.” His latest drop is the dance single “Kids Like Us,” which features LUCiD & FriENDS. The new tune is also accompanied by an official lyric video.

With a delightful blend of feel-good melodies and joyful children’s vocals, “Kids Like Us” effortlessly transports you back to the carefree days of childhood. Lyrics like “I woke up late again, The sun was climbing down the mountain” and “I don’t know why, Why you set my world on fire, When kids like us chasing highs just to feel alive” capture the song’s youthful essence, encouraging listeners to reconnect with their inner child. With its evocative elements and infectious pop-infused beats, LUM!X and LUCiD & FriENDS deliver a euphoric dance tune that’s truly magical. So hit play and take a trip down memory lane with “Kids Like Us.”