Rating: 4 out of 5.

You won’t stop moving once you hear this track.

Hailing from New Hampshire, Martin Toe is an Afropop and hip-hop artist. With African roots, he inspires fans across the globe through his raw energy and undaunted lyrics. Toe’s music explores complex and moving themes like trauma, war, and overcoming adversity. Once you listen to one of his songs, you’ll be transported into a world of musical bliss. SERENITY is Toe’s latest album, where he blends the traditions of African music with modern pop sensibilities, creating a unique and hard-to-come-across sound. “JUKA JAH” is his latest release from the sophomore album.

“JUKA JAH” is the song to move your hips and dance the night away to. Martin Toe makes this classic Afrobeat hit the perfect soundtrack for all your late-night festivities. In this irresistible track, Toe has found the perfect dance partner, or “JUKA JAH” as he calls her. With her, he’s floating on cloud 9, experiencing a momentous high. He translates that feeling into this epic body-moving tune for all of us to experience. Toe tastefully opens our eyes and hearts to the magical world of dance with this lit track. So, stream “JUKA JAH” to feel the spirited rhythm in this saucy beat.