Cigs Inside takes you to another zone on “BlickyBlam.”



3. Don’t Know Where To Start

Where do I even begin?

Cigs Inside infuses “Don’t Know Where To Start” with a surge of vivacity. This high-energy track is a standout piece within the album, rousing listeners from their tranquil listening experience. In it, the trio delves openly into their respective mental struggles, with each member sharing their unique journey. They each contribute their distinctive style and narrative, forging a cohesive yet multifaceted sound that resonates profoundly with the audience.

2. High Steppin’

You might lose your mind with this one.

“High Steppin'” offers an electrifying alternative pop journey that envelops the audience in a rush of boundless energy reminiscent of a sugar rush or a thrilling high-speed chase. Cigs Inside takes their music to new heights with an amplified drum and bass arrangement, elevating this track to the quintessential anthem for a glow-in-the-dark rave.



1. Lunar

Let’s take a trip to the moon.

“Lunar” delivers a captivating and spacey atmospheric vibe. Its pulsating drum and bass create the sensation of a high-speed journey through an alternate galaxy. Cigs Inside treats listeners to an irresistible and highly memorable chorus complemented by stellar rap verses. This song might evoke memories of a thrilling ’90s video game soundtrack.

If you weren’t already captivated by “Lunar,” this track is bound to change your mind.


1. Intro (3/5)

2. Anecdotes (3/5)

3. Lunar (5/5)

4. Actin’  (3/5)

5. Don’t Where To Start (4/5)

6. That Time (4/5)

7. High Steppin’ (5/5)

8. Apple Pie (3/5)




BlickyBlam is an experimental masterpiece, filled with captivating tones and sounds that transport listeners into a dreamy cosmic space crafted by Cigs Inside. In this album, every track serves as a unique puzzle piece, showcasing the full spectrum of their musical influences. From the echoes of ’80s alternative music to the contemporary rap scene, Cigs Inside weaves these elements into a signature sound that’s uniquely their own. Their approach to experimentation is central to their artistic identity, with lyrics delivered in a non-uniform manner. Lastly, the duo skillfully manipulates their vocals, blending distortion with surprisingly pleasing auto-tune effects. All in all, this album is a testament to Cigs Inside’s boundless creativity, making it a utopia for fans of experimental hip-hop.