Rating: 4 out of 5.

Whenever SZA drops these days, I drop everything I’m doing.

If you aren’t familiar with Jean Dawson, all you need to know is that he’s an ultra-talented musician who rarely takes the conventional route to make it to the finish line of songs. As for SZA, who I am sure you are familiar with, she has been dropping excellent sad-girl R&B music for years. In “NO SZNS,” the two fantastic artists find common ground.

“NO SZNS” is powered by one of those atmospheric instrumentals that never fully blooms. Jean Dawson and SZA throw all kinds of s**t at it. Not only do they both sing passionately and drunkenly, but they also hit us with bi-polar lyrics that embrace good seasons, sunny vibes, and reasonable people. For those of you looking for the toxic SZA we heard on Drake’s new single, “Slime U Out,” unfortunately, we get an opposite version of the singer in this intoxicating gem.

Damn, this song came out right when Summer said Adios. I’m sad now.