They simply don’t make slow jams like this anymore.

Kep.Lockhart embodies the essence of an R&B artist with his captivating voice, a penchant for crafting velvety productions, and a knack for delivering profoundly impactful verses. Despite his long-standing passion for a singing career, which began at the tender age of 7, he pursued a law degree and currently juggles a full-time attorney role in New York City alongside his career as a singer-songwriter.

One of Kep.Lockhart’s latest singles is the exceptional “I Need It.” In this track, Kep unabashedly, smoothly, and confidently expresses his longing for his lover’s affection, emphasizing his need for her love throughout the day and night, even during his lunch breaks. He also reminds her of his expertise in matters of the heart. Like your favorite slow jam, the song boasts soothing production designed to ignite passion and set the mood for intimacy. Kep.Lockhart treats us to silky-smooth melodies and vocals that exude strength and therapeutic qualities. It’s been a while since I’ve heard something of this caliber.

Give Kep.Lockhart’s “I Need It” a listen below. Trust me, it’s a high-quality record.