Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tyga and YG have been doing a lot of sampling, s**t-talking, and pimping in their past few singles.

Remember a few years ago when we got a bunch of collaboration albums from mainstream hip-hop acts? While many haven’t dropped this year, one that I am looking forward to hearing is Tyga and YG’s Hit Me When U Leave The Klub: The Playlist. We’ve already heard a bunch of dope singles from the project, such as “PARTy T1M3,” “Platinum” & “West Coast Weekend.” Today, another single, “Brand New” with Lil Wayne, hit streaming services.

Tyga and YG’s version of “Brand New” sounds nothing like Rhymefest’s version of “Brand New,” but it does steal an important element from the 2006 hit: That one random lady saying “Brand New.” Aside from that, the song boasts a booming, club-ready beat, an extremely catchy hook and cold-ass verse by Tyga, a punchline-heavy, bold, braggadocios verse by Lil Wayne (I love his verse), and a mean-ass verse by YG. On the real, I can see this song being my favorite from YG and Tyga’s upcoming album.

Damn, so I guess it’s cool when your girl acts brand new these days?