YG & Tyga

YG and Tyga = hip-hop’s version of Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.

One of my favorite singles from last week is “West Coast Weekend” with Tyga, Blxst, and YG. In the song, you get a well-done flipping of Tupac’s classic “It’s All About You” hit. This week, YG and Tyga decided to bless us with more heat by releasing a new single called “Platinum.”


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“Platinum” sounds like it was made in 2000. Like, I would be disappointed if the music video to the song didn’t feature bubble jackets, Timbs, and struggle twerking. Not only does the track boast this hard-hitting, explosive instrumental, but you also get a back-and-forth hook that is on some in-your-face s**t. As for lyrically, in their verses, YG and Tyga bring up the freaky dimes they are smashing and the fancy cars they are riding in. If you are one of their haters, you won’t like this s**t very much.

I expect Tyga and YG to drop a collaboration project really soon…