An R&B gem that highlights the intricacies of relationship problems.

TYA is an artist hailing from New York, with Bulgarian-American roots, who is passionate about delivering meaningful music to resonate with every heart. As an immigrant in New York, her singing on the 4 train became a daily occurrence, where she would perform pop and R&B-inspired tunes, nurturing her profound love and passion for music. This journey led her to LaGuardia High School, where she received classical training in singing. Now, as a fully-fledged artist, TYA aims to create music that not only connects with people’s feelings but also inspires others who share her story. TYA’s latest release, “i don’t believe it,” is part of her new album “visions.”

“i don’t believe it” is a track tailor-made for late-night drives, setting a dark and moody ambiance with its R&B production, beautifully complemented by TYA’s sensual vocals that send chills down your spine. The song delves deep into the familiar relationship issues of infidelity and trust issues, offering TYA’s unique perspective on these themes. Featuring Eddy I., the track provides a balanced view by incorporating verses that represent the other side of the same coin. This emotionally stirring song offers a beautiful exploration of the complexities of dysfunctional love, presenting perspectives from both parties involved. So, immerse yourself in “i don’t believe it” to experience a profound musical journey that dissects the intricacies of troubled relationships.