Rating: 4 out of 5.

Every Tee Grizzley song sounds like an intro.

October means it’s Tee Grizzley time! Why do I say that? Because he makes scary-sounding music. If you’ve been following the Detroit native these past couple of years, you know he likes toying with terrifying beats in his songs. This past Friday, Tee returned to the music scene with a mean new single he made with Finesse2tymes called “Grizzley 2 Tymes.”

“Grizzley 2 Tymes” thrives on a terrifying, high-energy beat, a predictable yet electrifying choice. Tee’s verse starts off sounding like some positive s**t; however, by its conclusion, he talks about hanging out with killers, smashing girls, and slapping people with his left hand. Finesse2tymes subsequently seizes the lyrical baton, delivering a barrage of menacing rhymes centered around the theme of daring adversaries to challenge him. I love how the rappers complement each other’s sounds.

Tee Grizzley’s music goes well with pumpkin pie.