A high-energy pop gem about the power of self-love.

Austria-based Anna-Sophie is a talented singer-songwriter who has been making a name for herself in the music industry for the past three years. She gained recognition with her captivating single “Cambodia,” which has garnered over 16.5 million streams on Spotify and earned her a spot on various Top 10 Hits charts in her home country. In 2022, she had the opportunity to share the stage with renowned artists like Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa at the Sziget Festival. Anna-Sophie’s discography includes tracks such as “Attack Without Warning,” “Fast Lane,” and “Take Control.” Her latest release is the pop album “Farewell,” which features the track “Boyfriend.”

Anna-Sophie’s “Boyfriend” is a high-energy electro-pop track with infectious beats and ear-pleasing guitar elements. The song explores the emotional journey of heartbreak and the importance of self-love. The lyrics convey the pain of separation and the realization that self-worth doesn’t depend on another person. With a combination of sweet pop-rock vibes and an inspirational message, “Boyfriend” is a striking pop gem that encourages listeners to define their self-worth independently. Give it a listen, and let the song’s words help heal your broken heart.