Rating: 4 out of 5.

An ultra-infectious dance tune that’s ready to sweep you off your feet. 

Emilie Thømt is a versatile and multi-talented musical artist. She made her musical debut in 2017 and has since been driven by a strong passion for creating raw and honest music. Hailing from Bodø, her discography includes tracks like “Time to Time,” “Still Be Here,” “Soft Spot,” and “Nothing Ever Feels Quite Right.” Her commitment to her craft shines through in her distinctive and unique style. Her most recent release is the dance single “REDO.”

Emilie Thømt’s “REDO” combines chilling tones with dance-inducing beats, creating a hypnotic backdrop for its captivating exploration. The song features dreamy vocals that echo its haunting atmosphere, and the lyrics provide a sense of reflection and communication. With a high-energy soundscape and passion, this electrifying dance single is sure to get you on your feet. So turn up the volume and dance the night away with “REDO.”