Rating: 4 out of 5.

Throw some Diddy adlibs on this s**t and you’ll have yourself a classic.

I’m looking forward to hearing Offset’s SET IT OFF album tonight. His journey from being part of Migos to venturing into a solo career is a significant transition, and it’ll be interesting to hear how he channels his experiences and emotions into his music. “WORTH IT” suggests that the album might feature some mainstream, commercial tracks, which can add variety to the project and appeal to a broader audience.

“WORTH IT” is directly out of Bad Boy’s playbook. The song features your traditional R&B chorus, which is handled by Don Toliver, paired with two emotional rap verses by Offset and an old-school beat that gives me “I Don’t Wanna Know” vibes. As for lyrically, what we get out of the two artists is juicy lyrics that revolve around relationship issues, unfaithfulness, and romantic trips that you and I can’t afford.

I like Offset in this bag.