A deliciously dark alt-R&B gem that explores the power of temptation and desire.

Pat Clifton and The Noilas are an alternative band that brings a fresh perspective to the genre, thanks to the creative energy of their three talented members. The group consists of the band’s producer and primary songwriter, Pat Clifton, the band’s female vocalist and co-writer, Magnolia Pearson, and the trio’s guitarist and engineer, Dylan Mackay. Their unique sound draws inspiration from various musical influences, including classic rock, indie pop, and R&B. Their innovative approach to songwriting and production, combined with a lack of fear of being bound to any singular genre, positions the trio as one of this generation’s most exciting and influential bands. Their latest release is the alternative R&B single “Blood Moon.”

With its instantly immersive blend of haunting tones and bluesy instrumentals, “Blood Moon” creates the perfect bewitching backdrop to complement the song’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “Caught me undone, the way I know you like, love, The heat that keeps from your touch is all I want” and “When I saw your name, It was written in stone, As the blood moon waned, Saying it was gonna take me home” delve into the power of temptation and desire. With its wonderfully seductive soundscape and an abundance of raw passion, Pat Clifton and The Noilas deliver a deliciously dark alt-R&B gem that’s perfect for closing out the spooky season. So, hit that play button and allow yourself to be drawn into the intoxicating allure of the “Blood Moon.”