A heartfelt, sad pop gem that vulnerably reflects on love and heartbreak.

Based in Seattle, Will Friend is a singer, songwriter, and performer originally from Southern California. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of artists such as “Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Freddie Mercury, Coldplay, and Stevie Wonder,” Will Friend identifies as a “versatile vocalist” with the ability to master pieces across various genres, including rock, pop, soul, and folk. In addition to his vocal prowess, he boasts over a decade of experience as a talented keyboardist. Will Friend’s most recent release is the pop single “Dark Rooms,” accompanied by its official lyric video.

With a soul-stirring blend of evocative tones and melodic piano, “Dark Rooms” provides the perfect intimate backdrop to complement the tune’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “I was so into you, But then I came to find, I’m just someone you used, To get you through the night, But girl I’m done with you” and “Too positive for your bad attitude, To gain it all there’s things I had to lose” vulnerably reflect on the pain and heartache of being in a toxic, one-sided relationship. With its passion-fueled vocals and a wonderfully well-crafted narrative, Will Friend gifts us with a striking, sad pop gem that powerfully explores the heartbreak of being hurt by the person you love most. So, press play and let the words of “Dark Rooms” lead you to the light.