An R&B track that says no to love games.

James William Awad, better known as Elyrix, is a Canadian musical creative who has been actively engaging with his fans since 2020, aiming to establish a strong connection through meaningful lyrics and creative storytelling. His debut album, I Feel Better Alone, crafted in his basement, garnered him a devoted fanbase and significant attention. Following this success, his second album, break & tell, received overwhelming support and became a massive hit.

Elyrix has gained considerable momentum as an artist and has collaborated with other notable artists such as Gunna, Lil Baby, and Nav. Following the release of his third successful album, Ostrogoth, Pt.1, he is planning to release a fourth album that promises to be more tranquil and introspective in nature. In the meantime, Elyrix has released a new single for streaming, titled “Play Your Games.”

“Play Your Games” serves as an exploration of the psychology behind toxic relationships, featuring the Rwandan singer Nicole Musoni. Both Elyrix and Nicole Musoni offer their own perspectives on why their love has taken a harmful turn. The lyrics, such as “Play your games, I’ll play your games, try me, I’m toxic too” and “We ain’t thinking straight, can’t you see that I’m the girl for you,” reflect the dynamics of losing oneself in a relationship and becoming entangled in its toxicity.

This emotionally charged track immediately captures your attention with its dynamic beats and melodic vocals by Elyrix, reminiscent of artists like The Weeknd and Majid Jordan. It delves into the complexities of toxic relationships and the psychological aspects that can lead individuals down this path.

Give “Play Your Games” a shot below.