Rating: 4 out of 5.

This might be Jay Gudda’s deepest track.

I’m a huge fan of Jay Gudda. I believe he’s an incredibly skilled rapper who doesn’t squander his verses; they are consistently filled with meaning. Among Jay’s notable tracks are “2009,” “All Talk,” and “Two Cents.” He also dropped a fresh single titled “Alone” recently.

Emotional rap can be incredibly powerful when executed well, and “Alone” is a prime example of this. In the song, Jay Gudda spends most of his time asking someone he used to rock with if they are happier now that he has decided to create some distance from them. What I like about the song is that it features a raw, aggressive, passionate rap delivery from Jay that makes it feel like every word he speaks is directly from the heart. I also really like the hard-hitting, soulful beat that powers everything and how Jay pretty much lets it ride out at the end. All in all, “Alone” is a really good listen.

Give “Alone” a shot below.