Rating: 4 out of 5.

Blxst completely strong arms this track from Larry June and Cardo.

Larry June might not be a household name, but his hip-hop tracks are among the best in the game. While he’s known for delivering knowledge-packed, raw hip-hop bangers, he occasionally shows off his R&B skills. In his latest single, “Without You (Blxst Interlude),” Larry goes toe to toe with R&B hitmaker Blxst.

Larry June and Blxst, both hailing from California, make a perfect pairing for this track. In “Without You,” they talk about valuing their women so much that they’re ready to put franchise tags on them. While Larry sounds like he laid down his verse while getting a deep tissue massage, Blxst blesses us with an engaging, traditional, and passionate vocal performance. I do think their contributions blend seamlessly with the captivating beat crafted by Cardo.

We need more Blxst records in our life.