Rating: 5 out of 5.

Remember this name: Kash Alexus.

Kash Alexus wants this s**t really bad. I can tell based on the hunger and passion she displays in practically ever track she releases. At the same time, she is someone who is talented as hell, as she is able to put together infectious melodies and hard-hitting bars. Recently, Kash dropped a brand new project called Eviction Notice. One of the best songs from it shares the project’s name.

Kash Alexus goes off like the lights when you don’t pay your electric bill in this song, which is fitting given the name of it. Throughout “Eviction Notice,” Kash Alexus explains why her future is bright, why she has a bunch of haters, and why her work ethic is what makes her different from her competition. The way she plows through the booming, menacing beat like it did something personal to her is impressive. It’s also impressive how she makes sure every single word she delivers is felt, making it impossible not to root for her.

Give “Eviction Notice” a shot below.