Rating: 5 out of 5.

A melancholic R&B gem that examines the complexities of love.

Sekou, a musical talent based in London, UK, garnered attention for his impressive vocals even before debuting his first single. Renowned figures in the music industry, such as Quincy Jones, took notice of his striking voice. Since making waves in the music scene, Sekou has collaborated with artists like Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. In the past year, he graced the stage at the Glastonbury Festival and secured deals with Island Records UK and Republic Records. Sekou’s recent releases include the R&B single “Time Will Tell.”

Featuring a delightfully soothing blend of gentle beats and melodic instrumentals, “Time Will Tell” sets a serene stage that perfectly complements the emotional exploration within the tune. The lyrics, such as “You say I’m one of a kind, Think that I won’t change your life, You think you know me so well, Only time will tell” and “You think you’re right, What if you’re wrong, I can’t even lie, It’s getting heavy having to be strong,” reveal the artist’s contemplation of the intricate aspects of love and romantic relationships. With poignant moments and soul-stirring vocals, Sekou presents another remarkable R&B masterpiece that vulnerably delves into the shadows of romance. Hit play and submerge yourself in yet another enchanting creation by the artist, “Time Will Tell.”