Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chance The Rapper proves his writing skills are still elite with the release of this song.

I still regard Chance The Rapper as a top-notch rapper. Okay, maybe you didn’t enjoy The Big Day, but every fan has encountered an album they didn’t like from their favorite artists. Since releasing The Big Day, Chance has maintained a relatively low profile in the music world. However, he made a comeback today with a fresh single titled “Writing Exercise #5.” In this track, he demonstrates that he can still outperform a significant portion of the hip-hop industry with his rapping skills.

In “Writing Exercise #5,” Chance The Rapper employs a laidback tone, intricate flows, and clever punchlines to discuss the victories he’s achieved over the years and how he deals with conflicts in a mature manner. Above all, this soothing single serves as a reminder of how relatable and down-to-earth the Chicago native remains.

I’m really looking forward to Chance’s forthcoming album.