Rating: 3 out of 5.

Lil Wayne has been hella active this year.

Is Lil Wayne in his prime still? Probably not. However, his sound is as prevalent as ever. In the past few weeks, he has been featured in everything from hard-hitting rap bangers to R&B bangers to club bangers. Today, Ciara decided to release a Lil Wayne remix to her latest hit, “How We Roll.”

I want to make this completely clear: We didn’t need a Lil Wayne remix to this track. I think Ciara and Chris Brown do enough in the original version to keep folks entertained. That said, I do think Wayne adds a fun dynamic to it. In the track, he hits us with a sly verse that has him finding several unique ways to say that he’s tapping women in all kinds of ways. As expected, his punchlines are a thin line between ridiculous and clever, while his flows are as steady as the Georgia football team. You’ll like his verse.

It’s crazy that this same trio could’ve linked up 15 years ago and folks would’ve still been excited.