A captivating pop tune that encourages us to believe in ourselves.

Filipino Canadian musical creative Clarissa Diokno, fueled by a profound passion for her craft, serves as an inspiring advocate for the transformative power of art. She actively encourages individuals to utilize artistic expression as a means of self-discovery and aims to kindle aspirations among fellow artists to dream ambitiously and share their creative fervor with the world. Diokno’s distinctive sound, characterized by her rich and emotive vocals, incorporates melodic arrangements, contemporary production, and relatable lyrics drawn from the realms of love, life, and heartbreak. Her dynamic style presents a unique fusion of electropop with R&B elements, providing listeners with a fresh and captivating musical experience. Diokno’s most recent release, the pop single “Trust Myself,” further exemplifies her artistic prowess and commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

With a wonderfully warm blend of immersive beats and ear-pleasing instrumentals, “Trust Myself” provides the perfect soothing soundscape to complement the tune’s inspirational exploration beautifully. Lyrics like “Now it’s fight or flight, hanging by a thread, every battle that I face are thoughts inside my head” and “I got to trust myself, when I need help, don’t want to rush myself, I know what I felt, don’t want to crush myself, it’s not hard to tell” reflect on self-doubt while encouraging all of us to push through the struggles and believe in ourselves. With its soulful R&B elements and rich vocals, Clarissa Diokno gifts us with an empowering pop tune that reminds us never to give up on ourselves. So press play and prepare to go on an emotional journey with “Trust Myself.”