A pop-rock track about the feelings that come with missing out.

RAENNER, hailing from Austria, constitutes a crossover pop project distinguished by a trio of songwriters. Comprising Lukas Mantsch (vocals), Felix Yunger (guitar), and Andreas Wöckinger (bass), the group is recognized for infusing their international pop sound with influences from rock and melodic hardcore genres. Rather than opting for a conventional, radio-friendly pop approach, RAENNER incorporates underground elements into their music, resulting in a distinctive and rare style. Exploring themes of beauty, power, and sadness in life through their lyrics, they made their debut with the EP “Not Yet To Be Released” and have now returned with the single “1 missed call.”

This pop-rock track promises to become a new classic in your favorites. After a year-long hiatus, RAENNER makes a dynamic comeback with an exhilarating single that demands to be played at maximum volume, potentially rousing the neighbors. With electrifying guitars, powerful drums, and a captivating vocal delivery, RAENNER crafts an exquisite fusion of sounds that leaves listeners craving more. Through thoughtful lyrics, they narrate a poignant story about the affliction of addiction and its impact on missing out on crucial aspects of life. “1 missed call” serves as a loud and vibrant anthem, addressing a serious topic that others may find challenging to discuss. Press play and immerse yourself in RAENNER’s new single, ensuring you don’t miss a beat.