A delightfully dreamy R&B tune that’s truly a magical work of art.

Paris-based musical creative Ziineb is a singer, songwriter, and painter. With a long-standing love for music, the artist grew up listening to pop music. The singer later discovered her passion for neo-soul “after moving to the UK and studying music for a year in London.” In her work, Ziineb pulls from various influences, including soul, jazz, R&B, and Arabic music. In 2022, after dedicating years to songwriting, the singer started collaborating with producer Camil Kanouni for the artist’s debut EP, Roses Are Blue. Ziineb’s new EP features the R&B track “One Life.”

With a wonderfully uplifting blend of easygoing beats and vibrant, topical-infused instruments, “One Life” provides the perfect feel-good backdrop to complement the track’s heartfelt exploration. Lyrics like “Burning like a cigarette, You got me star gazing, I only saw your silhouette and it felt uplifting” and “I only want this one type, If I’m track, to hear you likewise, Wanna hear my name” are delivered with alluring vocals. With infectious pop elements and a delightfully dreamy sense, Ziineb gifts us with a seriously soulful R&B tune that’s truly a magical work of art. So press play and embrace each and every day with “One Life.”