Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chris Brown sounds excellent in Caribbean and Afropop songs.

Chris Brown fans have reason to celebrate, as a new album by the R&B legend is set to be released on November 11, which is this Friday! While Brown’s previous albums often featured extensive tracklists, his upcoming release, titled 11:11, will contain a more concise 22 tracks.

Out of the 22 tracks that are featured in 11:11, only six of them have features. One of the tracks with a feature is “Nightmares” with Byron Messia.

In “Nightmares,” Chris Brown and Byron Messia talk about pressing folks that try to f**k with their energy. Both musicians really pop off, getting very specific about the things they and their shooters will do to you. And trust me, shaking your hand isn’t one of the things they’ll do.

What’s interesting about “Nightmares” is that it gives me the same vibes as “Talibans.” In the song, you get gutter lyrics masked with pleasant vocals, infectious melodies, and a pretty chill beat. If you don’t understand English, you would think the two artists were talking about picking flowers and s**t.

I would love to hear Chris Brown do a full-blown Caribbean album.