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MMG – Self Made Vol. 2 (Album Review)

For the seven people that bought Self Made Vol. 1, you should know how this power team operates already. They have hard hitters (Rick Ross), Temper tantrumers (Meek Mill), and fake poets (Wale). However, this new album adds an interesting element to their dynamic: It has the pop locking Omarion. Does that mean it’s going to be a little popper than the first one? Lets take a look, playa.


5. POWER CIRCLE (4.8/5)

So you think you can have a soulful beat, a bunch of talented artists, and secretly put out a lazy ass song like this? Not on my radar! (It’s still damn good though.)

If you want interested listeners, why would you start the album with Gunplay?

I mess with Stalley’s Verse on this song! He’s so gutter, to me! He reminds me of that one homeless guy that dances for a dollar. (Probably cause he looks homeless). They say never judge a book by it’s cover, but what if the book has no cover, its been ripped off and has dirt marks all over it? That’s Stalley!

Wale: Only guy that rapped accordingly to the beat.

Meek Mill’s verse:  Meh!

Kendrick Lamar: When Kendrick Lamar raps, he reminds me of that Avril Lavinge song: Why you gotta be so complicated!!! He doesn’t make his verse simple for his fans at all!




This is a very good Song! It’s has that typical Maybach music sound to it.

Wale is on the chorus on this one, and might I add that he puts up a VERYYYY Solid verse!

Stalley killed his part too, but somebody explain to me why he doesn’t like rhyming at certain times?

3. BURY ME A G (5/5)


Damn I missed a yellin’ Rick Ross! He hasn’t yelled like this since ‘MC Hammer’.

T.I. talking about Guns again on this song… WHOA I haven’t heard that since ‘King’.

Well this is just a throwback song right? Even the title sounds throwback….Bury me a G! Who says that anymore?

2. M.I.A. (5/5)


Say what you want about Omarion, these are the type of songs that he kills to me..

Isn’t this the type of track that plays in the background while you’re looking up your NBA2K stats?

I know what you’re thinking the whole time…Is Wale going to kill it??? Yes Joe he does.




I love this BEAT! LOVE IT! The Casio 1985 Toy Piano sound is classic to me!!!! This is one of the few songs on the album that Rick Ross actually raps on, and it’s the classic Rick Ross too.

I like Omarion’s voice on the song, but at the same time it may need a little more bass!

Nas verse is horrendous…We can do without him on the song. Honestly, Nas has not put up a good verse in over a decade to me.

Interestingly enough, Wale keeps up with the juggernauts, incorporating his own type of flow to the equation. Impressive.


HOT: Power Circle, This Thing Of Ours, Fluorescent Ink, Bury Me A G, M.I.A., Bag of Money.

MEH: Black Magic, All Birds, Actin’ Up, Fountain of Youth, I Be Puttin’ On, The Zenith, Let’s Talk, Black on Black.




This is  not an album album, so you can’t be disappointed by it’s sound. With it being a compilation album, they did a great job in showcasing the many different styles presently in MMG.

What I like about the album is that it has that right dose of everyone on it: It’s enough Meek Mill, It’s enough Wale, Its just enough Gunplay (which is pretty much no Gunplay). It’s a good mix/collaborative album, so when you grade it, grade it based off of listen-ability.

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