Drake experiments with various genres in the highly anticipated “Views.”





Drake took a nostalgic turn in his latest rendition of the ‘9am in Dallas’ style with a throwback twist. The backdrop features the smooth vocals of Brandy, setting a distinct 90’s aura, while the potent beat and a harmonious instrumental arrangement create a family-like atmosphere.

Although the track carries an assertive energy, it’s notably less intense than ‘Hype.’ However, it’s these precisely crafted pieces that elevate an album to classic status, making a bold statement about its timeless quality.




Introducing the song featuring none other than Draymond Drake – in fact, this is the ‘IFYRTIL’ Drake we’re talking about!

One of Drake’s remarkable skills is crafting a compelling hook that sticks, even on a hard-hitting track. You might not fully resonate with the song’s message, but mark my words, those infectious vibes will have you instinctively nodding along.




This track is destined to be one of the album’s standout singles.

It falls squarely into the ‘catchy as hell’ realm. Your head will naturally start bopping along, and the party-loving side of your brain will be in absolute bliss. Trust me, you’ll find yourself rapping this to your pals, maybe even playfully pointing fingers at them (especially when you’re out clubbing).

And let’s talk about that melody – it’s the true star of the show. Drake effortlessly switches it up a few times, and each variation is a sing-along gem that’ll have you hooked.




“Controlla” easily takes the runner-up spot in my list of favorite tracks from 2016! The remarkable feat of Drake seamlessly infusing that captivating Caribbean/African essence into the song, while effortlessly maintaining its radio-friendly appeal, continues to amaze me. It’s like a masterclass in effortlessly blending diverse musical elements.

“Controlla” boasts a handful of additional melodies compared to “One Dance,” which, in my opinion, lends it a touch more dynamism and a richer overall musical tapestry.




Easily clinching the title of my favorite track from 2016, “One Dance” holds a special place in my heart. What truly blows me away is how Drake seamlessly infused that captivating Caribbean/African vibe into the song while effortlessly maintaining its radio-friendly appeal. It’s like déjà vu, but in the most impressive way possible.

The only thing that slightly nags at me about the song is WizKid’s contribution – I can’t help but wish he had been given a full verse. It’s like having him rap his lines from a distant room; he’s way more skilled than that and deserves a proper spotlight!

It seems like a winning recipe for rappers aiming to create chart-topping hits: Start with a straightforward chorus, sprinkle in some catchy alcohol references, and enhance the vibe with a sultry female voice in the background. It’s like the ultimate formula for crafting those unforgettable tracks that get everyone grooving.



2. 9 (4/5)

3. U WITH ME(4.5/5)

4. FEELS NO WAYS (3.5/5)

5. HYPE (4.5/5)



8. WITH YOU (3.5/5)

9. FAITHFUL (4.5/5)

10. STILL HERE (4.5/5)

11. CONTROLLA (5/5)

12. ONE DANCE (5/5)

13, GRAMMYS (3.5/5)

14. CHILDS PLAY (4/5)

15. POP STYLE (4/5)

16. TOO GOOD (4.5/5)

17. FIRE AND DESIRE (3.5/5)

18. VIEWS (3.5/5)




I’ve got to be honest, this album is a whirlwind of diversity. It encompasses every possible flavor you could expect from a rap/R&B compilation. Drake has consistently showcased his knack for crafting tracks with various sonic hues throughout his career, so an album like this shouldn’t catch you off guard.

There’s a striking cohesiveness in the album’s sound, and surprisingly, it feels like Drake approached it with a no-nonsense, business-minded attitude. It’s almost as if his focus was on creating music that stands the test of time rather than conforming to current trends. He seemed determined to meticulously craft each sound, aiming for perfection rather than mere output.

Drake’s quintessential talent shines through on this record: his versatility. Yet, it appears that in his pursuit, he may have made some compromises in his lyrical depth, which, to be honest, feels somewhat lackluster on this album. Nevertheless, it remains enjoyable. Is it a classic? Perhaps not, but it undeniably boasts a compelling body of work as a whole. At the very least, you’ll find its catchiness irresistible.