I had no clue who MF Doom was because I am a millennial. (I actually thought MF Doom was the white dude with the crew cut who was shooting muthaf–ka’s in hell back in 1995.)

Apparently MF DOOM is this guy that plays this bizarre super hero character in real life. He doesn’t have an interest in rapping like the people of today, so his music might sound a bit outdated to us millennials.

I was kind of impressed with the way the old man was spitting… He actually had some tough bars on this song! I’m not sure who came out first, but MF Doom’s rapping-style kinda reminds me of Big Pun (I can already see hip hop heads that stumbled upon this site ready to slap me.)

I actually heard of Madlib before! Isn’t he the dude on all those Puff Daddy and the Family skits?