I’m not gonna sit up here and act like I knew who Nav was before I rated this album, he is a completely new face to me. Shortly before he released this debut album called ‘NAV’, The Weeknd gave him a pretty big endorsement, which nowadays is usually enough to garner a buzz big enough for me to rate an artist; So will he do enough to impress the bandit that he is here to stay? 



5. TTD

‘TTD’ is not the best song on the album, but it is probably his most talented one vocally. On this song, Nav harmonizes over this very slow paced sound that has him doing some observing of the people around him. In all honesty, his voice doesn’t sound half bad!


I wake up thinking about money too! That and some bagels with Creme cheese.

Nav continues to sound like a robot on this song, but a Robot that is all about his Mula! Like most other songs, this track is catchy as hell, but I think the message is what will resonate with listeners; its sorta like an anthem for all the uselessness he believes in.


With ‘Myself’ being the first track on the album, the song has a topic and style that makes it a great way for Nav to immediately introduce himself to the people that may not know how he got to where he is now.

The song has a quick tempo, and the beat has this smoothness to it that promotes his sleek style. What you will like most about the song is its catchiness though: Nav does a good job of saying his lines in a way that you would want to sing along with.

He feels like himself when he’s doing drugs? What type of lowlife s–t is that? Why isn’t this s–t alarming?


‘Good For it’ might be the most lyrical song on the album.

On this song, Nav is pretty witty, as he uses metaphors and punchlines to let his people know that he is nothing to mess with both lyrically and in the streets (Which I don’t believe one bit). The beat is very aggressive, so I feel like he had no choice but to come with the heat on this one.

Doesn’t the beat sound a bit like ‘Back to Back’ at times?


The Weeknd is a lowkey disrespectful guy isn’t he? He sounds so innocent on this song, but allegedly he’s talking about stealing Biebers girl (I would’ve never guessed). I might be the first to say this, but The Weeknd’s s–t is starting to sound the same….

Nav has a decent verse on the track, but in all honesty, he doesn’t have to do much since The Weeknd won us over with his first verse.


1. MYSELF (4.7/5), 2. NAV (4/5), 3. MY MIND (3.9/5), 4. GOOD FOR IT (4.8/5), 5. LONELY (3.5/5), 6. UP (3.7/5), 7. SLEEP (3.9/5) 8. MARIAH (4.2/5) 9. SOME WAY (5/5) 10. TTD (4.6/5)



Nav’s sound is very similar to a Sound-cloud artist to me – It’s nothing spectacular, just solid music that doesn’t quite blow you away. I think his subject matters are like everyone else’s subject matters, and his style is like any other rapper that sings style (Which is 95% of the people out right now.) He tends to lean on drug talk and haters a little too much on the album, and seems to resort to the whole “white girl taking molly”, and “I got shooters” lines too much (which i repeat, I deny he’s bout).

Nav at least co-produced every song on this album, which means it’s extremely consistent sounding. He loves that whole smooth trap sound, and his sleek style fits it. Every song sounds like a hills hangout track, which I think is a great vibe to listen to.

Overall, the album/Mixtape (whatever the hell it is) is fun to listen to, but lacks substance.

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