Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa & PnB Rock All Join Forces For Gang Up

I haven’t been impressed with these “Fast and Furious” collaborations with 100 people, mainly because the songs sound way too manufactured for my liking.

While it feels like they use the same features for songs like “Gang Up,” PnB Rock definitely stood out on this song. I feel like he pretty much took it over, gifting us with a hood-rebellous hook that is the perfect setup for each rapper.

2 Chainz had the best verse on “Gang Up.” On it, he experiments with interesting flows, he hits us with great punchlines, and most importantly, he gifts us with tons of grit. I feel like this song needed him in the worst way.

I am usually amped up for Young Thug verses, but the one he drops on “Gang Up” is very blah, to me… You can’t have corporate white people telling Thugger how to rap, so I am not surprised that he bombed on this song.

Wiz is perfect for a song like “Gang Up,” as I consider him the poster-boy for watered down rap music (That’s not an insult, folks)! With that being said, he drops a pretty tough ass verse on this joint, coming across like a n***a that doesn’t take s**t from anyone from start to finish. S**t, I love when Wiz is aggressive!

I can actually get down with this watered-down song!





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