Cyborg Asylum – My Metallic Dream (Review & Stream)

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Cyborg Asylum had one mission in mind when they made this song, and that was to create this energetic track that has these nostalgic elements attached to it. 

With ‘Metallic Dream’, listeners get a chance to let Cyborg Asylum take them on a journey full of explosive drumming, great guitar-play, and boisterous vocals. From start to finish, you will be engulfed in this high-energy sound, prompting this musical roller-coaster that you will experience through your headphones.

While this song has this old school feel to it vocally, you also get this futuristic vibe from it on the instrumental too. This means that the duo stayed true to their name on this song.


1 thought on “Cyborg Asylum – My Metallic Dream (Review & Stream)

  1. Hi, thanks for the wonderful review of our single, My Metallic Dream. It is one of my favorite reviews thus far. Here is the link:

    The problem is, the included YouTube link to our music video is a dead link. Could you please replace it in the review to this one:

    Thanks again,

    David Varga
    Cyborg Asylum

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