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24hrs – What You Like (Remix) (Ft. T-Pain) (Review & Stream)

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 24hrs and T-Pain make a pretty decent duo.

Looks like 24hrs (aka Helium Man) is on his ‘Spoil the hoes’ s–t today! However, on this song he is a little more blunt than he usually is, throwing out some braggadocios lyrics to a woman he clearly cares a lot about. Musically, the song has a nice little bop to it, using one of my favorite R&B melodies of all time.

I never really sought after T-Pain s–t anymore, but hearing the tone of this record had me thinking he can really fit this song. On his verse, Pain sounds like his old self, bringing that energy that only he could bring to an R&B club record.

I think catchiness will be Helium mans claim to fame!


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