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Famous Dex – Pick It Up (Ft. A$AP Rocky) (Review & Stream)

Famous Dex and A$AP Rocky collaborating together is a matc-hmade in struggle dreads heaven.

Fmamous Dex sounds like he has a blast on every song he’s on, blurting out some of the most outlandish s–t I’ve ever heard on wax. With that being said, you can’t say he doesn’t keep you entertained, especially on a song like this where the instrumental is a combination of soul and mayhem.

A$AP Rocky is the coolest n—a you will ever meet in your life, which means he’s equipped to remain his unbothered self despite whomever is accompanying him on a song. Even though he doesn’t match the zany behavior of Dex on his verse, he is still witty enough to fit the songs overall approach.

You think this can be a radio hit? I think it’s good enough.


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