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Roscoe Dash – Ye’s (Review & Stream)

Remember Roscoe Dash guys? Me neither…

I was joking about that intro guys, Roscoe Dash was the s–t a few years ago! I’m glad to see him return to the scene with this new single, and even gladder that he continues to his whole swagged out singing/rapping s–t that he was doing in the past. Over this flute heavy TM88 beat (That sounds a lot like ‘Mask Off’), Roscoe does his thing, letting all the dimepieces know that he’s still that n—a. In my humbling opinion, the ATL rapper sounds a lot more composed on the mic, and a lot less squeaky.

They gon hate Roscoe, but keep your head up and keep making that hot ass music that everyone else is making!



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