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PnB Rock – Catch These Vibes (Album Review)

PnB Rock tasted a lil champagne last year — Got a chance to tell his story on his debut album ‘G.T.T.M’ — And has certainly gotten that respect from around the industry; so what’s next for the Pennsylvania musician? That is always my question for artists like these, cause with his sound being so pure, this stage of success is where they are more than capable of forgetting who they are. With ‘Catch These Vibes’, I hope that PnB can sustain that hunger he had in his belly from the first album, creating those R&B/Hip hop gems that I felt was very relatable to the average n—a. But lets be honest with ourselves, that Champagne tastes pretty damn good!




These are the type of songs that plenty of R&B artists make, but I’m not sure any of them make it better than PnB or Ty does.

PnB Rock confuses me at times: The way he sings on this song is on some drmaatic s–t vocally, but if you listen to his lyrics, he talks about wanting this girl to put her genitals (I’m assuming) in his face. I swear, someone who doesn’t understand the English language would think this song was romantic hip hop.

This song has lots of aggressive energy, combined with lyrics that are all over the place.



A Boogie and PnB have tremendous chemistry — especially when they decide to serenade the women on smooth cuts like this. I feel like both artists have this ability to be sentimental, but in the thuggest way possible; this makes their music sound raw, and also a bit charming.

If I told you that this song was made by a dude that has had a jail stint, and another dude that claims the mean streets of New York, and both collectively jumped Lil B, you would think that they were either bi-polar or born again Christians.



Three new school crooners are on this track, and together they make every thotty feel appreciated.

Pick your choice on who you enjoy the most: You got the slick singing Roy Woods on the second verse, squeaky ass 24hrs on the third, and PnB providing the hook/first verse. They each bring a unique style to the song, something I think makes the song pretty entertaining to listen to.

This should be the one club hit off this album.




PnB Rock thinks your current man is a scrub… Wait, this n—a is talking about me! 

This song has such an interesting sound to it, right? The instrumental is fun-loving, but PnB Rock approaches the track on some hatin’ s–t. I feel like the Pennsylvania born artist sings with a bit of a higher pitch than he usually does on this song, sorta sounding like he’s singing on a cloud.

Content-wise, PnB Rock talks about your typical R&B s–t on this song: Some dude tryna convine this dimepiece to leave her current man and f–k with him instead. As usual, his lyrics are overly emotional, which I associate to him being light skin.

These R&B singers getting way too disrespectful lately….



This n—-a PnB always talks about flaws he has, but never comes with any solutions….

‘Issues’ is probably the most vulnerable song on this album, as PnB Rock talks about some of the grimey s–t he does in relationships. I’m sure in real life he can care less about the supposed issues he has, but his whiny vocals makes it sound like he is actually concerned about his flaws.

Russ is a helluva an artist! I feel like he’s a great rapper, but it’s his clear delivery/creativity that stands out to me the most. On this song, he drops a pretty demonstrative verse in which he sings and raps about his savage behavior to the women he loves. While PnB actually sounds remorseful for his assholeness, Russ comes across as not caring much.

Doesn’t this song kinda sound like PARTYNEXTDOOR’s ‘Come and See Me?’ Am I trippin’, guys?




PnB stayyyyyyyy in his feelings bruh! Is it his light skin genes?

Even though PnB is keeping it real about his sappiness on his verses, the song is still upbeat enough to find enjoyable. In my opinion, it is the exact lane that PnB succeeds at.

The funny thing about 2017 is that it is cool to be the drug addict, and it is ok to be the simping ass thug too!



1. FRIENDS (3.7/5)

2. LONDON (3.9/5)

3. FACE (5/5)

4. SCRUB (5/5)

5. LOVIN'(4.8/5)

6. ISSUES (5/5)

7. LOWKEY (4.6/5)

8. IRUN (3.2/5)

9. TTM (3.8/5)

10. WTS (3.8/5)

11. 3X (4/5)

12. VOICEMEMOWAV.4 (3.4/5)

13. PRESSURE (4.3/5)

14. COUPE (4/5)

15. CONFIDE (4.8/5)

16. 1 DAY (3.6/5)

17. FEELINS’ (5/5)

18. REWIND (4.8/5)




I can’t say PnB Rock has improved on his craft after hearing this album, but I can say he sounds a lot more care free this time around. I feel like PnB no longer has a point to prove, which translates to more of a party sounding approach for him. Does that also translate to lazy lyrics? Yes.

Unfortunately, you do not learn much from this album. PnB has the ability to be a real ass n—a that can provide us with some wise words at times, but too many times he resorts to careless lyrics that do not allow him to deviate himself from any other Hip Hop act today. I mean seriously, dude has talent, but his content continues to trail behind. I’m not saying PnB has to be this angel or anything, but real ones ain’t trying hear how much you wanna f–k b–tches for 18 tracks.

If you like music to pregame to, get hyped to, or even hit the strip club to, this album is perfect for you! The album is fun, it is trill, and definitely present day R&B. Don’t let my beef from the second paragraph deter you from listening to it, it’s certainly a good album. PnB is a star to me, he makes any song come alive, and I think this second album only makes his legend grow even more.


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