Creating timeless Jazz music comes easy for Itamar Borochov, which is one of the reasons why he has received an abundance of praise universally for his debut album, “Outset.” With his newest single titled, ‘Shimshon’, Itamar looks to expand his audience even further, as he aims to present us with a musical rendition that will give you a sheer reminder of the Jazz music that was created during the roaring 20’s. 

The Jazz you hear on ‘Shimshon’ is simply amazing to listen to! It has so many different facets to it, and takes listeners on quite the roller coaster ride emotionally. Listeners will love the tumultuous drumming that accompanies Itamar’s lively trumpeting, as the two sounds play the unlikeliest of companions throughout. When you add the gentle piano notes that you hear lurking in the background to the mix, you ultimately get this animated tune that exemplifies every element that makes Jazz one of the most enjoyable genres too listen to.