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Tone Stith – Light Flex (Ft. 2 Chainz) (Review & Stream)


Uncle Drew releases in theaters nation-wide on June 28th. I look forward to seeing how bad the acting is from the basketball players who are slated to act on it. 

I thought the Uncle Drew skits on YouTube were pretty dope, but to watch a whole movie of it might be a waste of time… Anyway, on “Light Flex,” a track off of the movie’s soundtrack, Tone Stith and 2 Chainz collaborate for this funkdafied pop banger that makes me want to break-dance in the middle of this HomeGoods I am currently in. While Tone gives us quite the performance in every facet of R&B on his contributions, It’s 2 Chainz verse that makes the song’s true meaning come alive, as he provides us with this punch-line heavy verse that uses basketball related s**t to buffer his several useless points.

Tone Stith is a tough ass name for an R&B singer…



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