Jacques – 4275 (Album Review)

Jacquees’ career feels a little like a mystery. I feel like he reminds me of literally every raunchy R&B artist I’ve ever heard in my life, but at the same time, I do not have a single clue of what he’s like in his personal life. What I do know is that he had a major hit on the radio called “Bed” this year, and is currently the latest sucka star on Cash Money records. With his debut album called “4275” finally hitting the shelves, the Louisiana native looks to formally introduce himself to the world, and lucky for him, I’m all ears.






Goodness gracious, how much more direct can you get, Jacquees? Chivalry is dead and no one attended that n***as funeral.

Anytime an R&B artist uses the word ‘studio’ in their music, more than likely it’s about smashing in it. However, when it’s done in a tasteful manner like how Jacquees did it on this song, it’s a lot more stomach-able. Anyway, Jacquees eases his way through this song using this calm demeanor vocally but aggressive lyrical content. Flip what I just said, and you get Young Thug’s contribution to the track.





“House or Hotel” is the type of track that pisses off the lames like myself. It’s not the fact that Jacquees gives us this near perfect vocal performance on it that I am nowhere near capable of emulating, but it’s his ability to sing these instructions on cheating to this side chick that is damn there hypnotizing. Can you imagine if you had a dude like this chasing your woman? I’ll break the hell out of that broom he’s sweeping my women off of her feet with and barbecue that muthaf***a!



3. 23

WTF, Donnell Jones is on this song? How did Jacquees know which Wal-Mart he was working at?

I love “23” for multiple reasons. For one, it has this laid-back feel to it production-wise that automatically puts you in this chill ass vibe. Secondly, I think the topic behind it is strong, as it revolves around Jacquees thinking he’s too grown to do some of the things he used to do in the past. Overall, the song has several infectious melodies attached to it, Jacquees pretty much nails all of his lines, and you can tell he took his time delivering every single word he spoke.

At 23, I was still watching Dragon Ball Z. I guess Jacquees is one of those old head 23 year olds.



2. B.E.D.

“B.E.D.” is probably going to end up being Jacquees’ biggest hit. It’s brassy, infectious, and modernizes one of the best R&B melodies of all time (In my opinion). I do wish our hero went in a different direction on his verses, though, as he uses that played out flow that everyone else in the hip hop industry uses throughout.

Vocally, I think this is Jacquees best effort. I feel like he switches between big time playa and passionate crooner so seamlessly on this song. (I don’t think ya’ll realize how hard that is)




It always astonishes me at how confident these R&B guys are when they are given the opportunity to dive into some punani. So none of ya’ll get the heebie jeebies when you see a booty that you might not be able to handle?

“Inside” has everything you would want from a R&B hit record: A smooth tone, a fast tempo beat, some really good harmonizing from both artists and lots of raunchy sex talk. I can tell Jacquees intended on making something that could be played in the bedroom, but at the same time, something that can also be played in the living room if you aren’t able to make it to the bedroom (If you know what I mean, *wink wink*).

Can the Trey Songz gay rumors please stop. How many vaginas does he have to destroy on his songs to get the message across to you guys.



2. 4275 (4.5/5)

3. I KNOW BETTER (3.7/5)

4. 23 (5/5)

5. B.E.D. (5/5)

6. STUDIO (4.3/5)


8. NO VALIDATION (4.1/5)

9. INSIDE (5/5)

10. LONDON (3.8/5)

11. ALL ABOUT US (3.9/5)

12. ALL MY LIFE (3.6/5)

13. HOUSE OR HOTEL (4.7/5)

14. PLAY THE FIELD (3.8/5)

15. INFATUATED (3.7/5)

16. WHATEVA YOU INTO (4.7/5)

17. RED LIGHT (3.7/5)

18. SPECIAL (3.8/5)




Jacquees (Who I’m pretty sure added an ‘e’ to his moniker) is talented, but in a skill that I think is slowly becoming more and more extinct. With that being said, he does a phenomenal job of incorporating the subject matters, flows and cadences of today’s music into his old school style of music. For all the young whipper snappers who weren’t lucky enough to be born in an age where R&B actually had an influence in the music industry, you’re going to love his approach to the dying genre.

Jacquees is brash, raw and even bumptious at times on this album.  ‘Quees clearly doesn’t lack confidence in his craft, which results in his words really hitting a nerve regardless of the thoughts he’s trying to sell to us. I feel like a confident singer can sell any kind of dream to you, so women everywhere, be-careful when you are around this guy.

My one and only issue with this album is that majority of the songs on it sound very similar to one another. Some of the melodies sound identical to one another, a few of the subject matters that the Louisiana native talked about felt similar, and I did feel like he didn’t do enough rapping on this project (Lots of people forget that he can rap, too). It was a pure/unadulterated R&B album in all facets, and unfortunately, these days, I don’t believe we have the attention span to listen to an 18 track project of nothing but R&B music.

So is Jacquees a star in the making? He should be. He has hella talent, and I feel like he has a very unique sound. I’ve always been a huge fan of R&B music, so I would love to see him succeed.


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