Imani Wj Wright & Swano bring their highly entertaining act to the Big Apple! 

As I stated a week ago, Imani Wj Wright and Swano are making their rounds all over the east coast, performing some of their major hits at a variety of venues. In their latest performance at New York City’s historic SOB’s night club, the duo got a chance to solidify their musical excellence, performing two of their major hits in “Coffee Shop” & “All Alone.” As expected, both musicians show lots of passion in their respective contributions, engaging with the audience and making sure every single aspect you hear is felt. Make sure you watch the video, and do what you can to peep one of his shows when he’s in your town.

Shoutout to Muammar Muhammad on the guitar and Robert Wooden II on the drums. They definitely take the music you hear on this video to another level.