I Admit

R. Kelly – I Admit (Review & Stream)

R.Kelly finally opens up about all of the poor decisions he’s made in his life in “I Admit.”

19 minutes long? This s**t isn’t a song, it’s an interview. I will say this, though, the track is very interesting. R. Kelly touches on nearly every topic we pressed him on in the past, not holding back one bit.  Yes, he admits to cheating (A lot), being illiterate and wanting to quit the industry, but he does it in such a heartwarming way that you might actually feel sorry for him. I doubt you will, though.

Since we’re all on this whole admitting tip, I have a confession to make: I admit I was addicted to Coca Cola from the age of 13-20. It was so bad that my siblings used to hide a few cans in random ass places in the fridge from me. I ashamed and diabetes susceptible, guys.



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