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Lazarus Benson And Doc Suess’ “I Am The Phoenix” Is Beyond Powerful Music (Review & Stream)

Lazarus Benson is as focused as he’s ever been lately.

If you think about it, hip hop and rock are undefeated when they are blended together. Both Lazarus Benson and Doc Suess knew this, so they decided to create this brand new banger called “I Am The Phoenix” that combines a heavy-metal instrumental with some hardcore raps.

You know what you’ll love about “I Am The Phoenix?” It is powered by a ferocious beat and chaotic sounding vocals, but secretly, you also get words of wisdom from both artists. On his lone verse, Doc Suess focuses on showing appreciation for fans, embracing the trials and tribulations that life throws at you, and the success that comes with putting in work through some crafty yet animated bars. As for Lazarus, he’s a lot more boisterous in his message, proclaiming himself to be ‘the Phoenix’ throughout — a nonburnable/relentless figure that cannot be stopped by the average species. When you combine both contributions, you’ll understand that the single most important part thing about this song is its powerful message, and the way it is delivered to you is kick-ass!

I feel the power after listening to this song! I feel like I’m ready to take on a isolated thunderstorm! (Taking on a full out thunderstorm would be irresponsible)



2 thoughts on “Lazarus Benson And Doc Suess’ “I Am The Phoenix” Is Beyond Powerful Music (Review & Stream)

  1. What an excellent review! Thank you so much for such a powerful and descriptive review of your feelings for the song! I appreciate the rating and review! Peace & Love

    Doc Suess

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