Mary Knoblock

Mary Knoblock’s “Queen Of Diamonds” Gives Off Interesting Vibes


Mary Knoblock’s streak of colorful instrumentals continue.

I find “Queen of Diamonds” to be very touching. It has a powerful title, and the music you get from it fits that title. First and foremost, things start off high-octane, promoting both this military and starry vibe. From there, things glisten more and more, as Mary incorporates a few other glittery effects to get you fully engulfed in her unique world. I personally enjoy how the song starts off lively, but ultimately turns into this lonely tune that strips all of its hard-hitting roots. It’s almost like the musical equivalent of a queen slowly losing her followers and ending up the only one left in her castle.

I listen to a lot of Femi Kuti, and this song definitely reminds me of something he would make. That’s one of the many reasons you should give this song a try, and make sure you check out “Desert Spades” HERE!




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