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Lonesome Lagoon Do Past And Present Day Rock Music Justice In “Lucky 757” (Review & Stream)


If you want to hear true rock and believe that Pulp fiction is too passé, give Lucky 757 and their latest EP release “Lonesome Lagoon” a try! Below is my top 5 songs from it and overall rating!



In “Spanish Shore,” the sounds are exotic, nostalgic and full of intensity, effecting all the lands and shores when listened to.




“Reflecting” is a chill-out song essential for a cool and loose atmosphere to calm down the spirits and ease the tensions. In other words, it is very therapeutic.




We can hear loud and clear the essence and true base of rock flowing throughout this track.  Even though there’s a continuous loop that occurs over and over again, it is powerful enough to make the songs outcome compellingly!




“Mugsy” persuades the listener to get out of the chair or couch they are sitting on and boogie down! It’s enticing, and also the first and last time we hear a vocal input inserted into the music. Overall, the song gives off this cool/carefree feel that sets the mood for good times to come.




“Lonesome Lagoon,” the outro, drifts us away with this unwinding feel. it is titled after the EP, and has this straight-forward rock feel, but also incorporates a dynamic groove that can be found in both eras, subsequently making it sound more up-to-date and moderate for the needs and wants of today’s music scene.




In my opinion, listeners will be drawn instantly by Lucky 757’s high energy vibes and absolutely hooked by their unique feel-good/positive aura in  “Lonesome Lagoon.” Clearly Influenced by both present day and past music, the band does a great job of incorporating the essence of classic 50’s and 60’s rock with a crisp 21st-century sound on this EP,  jolting and grooving along the way. It’s a lot of fun to listen to, as it gives off nostalgic and futuristic moods.

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