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Stefflon Don Drops A Freestyle To “Oochie Walley” (Review & Stream)

This is a bit better than the rapping she was doing on her album.

If you didn’t know by now, Stefflon Don dropped her debut album titled “Secure” on Friday. Unfortunately, I didn’t think too highly of it, mainly because I felt there was way too many cheesy rap tracks and not enough Caribbean vibes on it. Today, the voluptuous English women decided to prove her mic skills once again, rapping over The Bravehearts’ classic “Oochie Walley” beat. As expected, Don talks about being the baddest b*tch in the game, getting money and not f**kin’ for features on her raps using this very aggressive approach. I f**k with the flow she spits with throughout, but in all honesty, I remain keen on not wanting to hear her rap.

Stefflon is Sean Kingston 2.0 (That’s definitely a shaky thing to be).



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