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Curren$y Calls On Lil Yachty For A Remix To His “On The Water” Joint (Review & Stream)


It only makes sense that Lil Boat features on a song called “On The Water,” right?

Curren$y has become a cold muthaf**ka as of late, creating rap tunes that have featured mind-numbing instrumentals and raps that are grown as s**t. In my opinion, “On The Water” chills things up even more, as Curren$y spits some serious knowledge about making good business decisions using a slow-paced/sporadic flow.

Lil Yachty has the second verse, and as expected, he diminishes the quality of the song just a tad bit. Don’t get me wrong, I think his raps are decent, but for some odd reason, he thinks adding an auto-tune effect will help him out (N***a, why?). He also sings throughout, causing my nausea to act up again.

Curren$y may never make a record like “Bottom of The Bottle” again…



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