Tyga Holds Nothing Back In “Sip” (Review & Stream)

Tyga’s studio is clearly in the back of a strip club.

Lately, Tyga has been releasing quite a bit of joints that sound like they’ll be perfect to listen to while laying out in the beach, and quite honestly, I’ve loved them all! But in my opinion, the Cali rapper is at his best when he’s making strip club records. In his newest single titled “Sip,” you get the epitome of one, as our hero spits some pretty raunchy bars about indulging in the moves of all the scantily dressed women of the world while also hoarding them on his verses. His bars come out as staunch as ever, and when it comes to the hook attached to the song, It’s as catchy as it gets. All in all, Tyga may have himself yet another pornhub inspired hit record here!

I like the way Tyga moves these days.



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