Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Continues Her Hypnotic Streak With “Venice Bitch” (Review & Stream)

Lana Del Rey is in Sonic’s special zone and cannot get out!

Lana Del Rey is looking to release a new album this year, and based off of the two singles she’s given us thus far, it looks to be an introspective/poetic/hippie-like effort that would be perfect to listen to after the anesthesia kicks in! One of those singles is “Venice Bitch,” and on it, our hero practically dishes out some flowery lines over this instrumental so hazy that I caught second hand smoke from it (OK, my jokes are officially off today). If you are willing to listen to Lana Del Rey daydream for nearly ten minutes, then this song is for you; if you have ADD like myself, I believe there is a new episode of SportCenter going on right now that can keep your buzz going!

Lana Del Rey scares me just a tad bit (She looks so ghostly sometimes)…



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