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T.I. Doesn’t Hold Back In “The Amazing Mr. F**k Up” (Review & Stream)


Why do I feel like this song is dedicated to Kanye West?

T.I.’s new “Dime Trap” album is on the way, and much to my surprise, the singles he’s been dropping off of it has been really good! Today, he decided to drop yet another single, and it revolves around understanding and overcoming all the faults we have within’ ourselves to become a figure that is not only respected, but also relied upon to make the right decisions. If you know about T.I.’s shaky history, I think the song will truly resonate with you. Aside from that, the flow our hero raps with is dope, the instrumental has this therapeutic feel, and Victoria Monet brings soul to the song by delivering this airy hook. I am a fan, folks!

I’m starting to think “Dime Trap” is going to be T.I.’s best effort since “KING.”



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